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Drying Equipment

  • High drying capacity
  • Low investment
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy Saving

Various drying equipment and tools are used for egg tray drying in the egg tray production line, usually customers has 3 options for drying system in egg tray plant: Natural Drying, Civil Engineering Drying and Metal Drying. As a important pulp molding machinery of paper tray production, these 3 drying systems can satisfy customers with different needs, for example, metal drying would fit with large output paper tray production line, natural drying would fit with small output production line.

Combustion Chamber Construction Guide

In the construction of civil and metal drying chambers, some customers will choose wood or coal as raw materials according to local raw materials to provide heat source raw materials for the drying chamber. This combustion chamber uses multiple outputs and multiple drying forms. Under the current epidemic situation, if it is not convenient to go abroad for on-site installation, we will also provide customers with remote online guidance and construction work. At present, we have provided high-quality remote online guidance for installation for Zambia, Morocco, Mozambique, Iraq, Uganda and other customers.  With the assistance of our team of engineers, customers successfully installed and debugged overseas projects one by one.

The following are some installation drawings when building a combustion chamber for customers for reference. We will also provide customers with real photos and video data of construction so that customers can quickly understand how to build in the real scene and installation drawings. Choosing AGICO means choosing reliable egg tray equipment and high-quality installation services. Of course, if necessary, we can also provide customers with on-site install service.

As for the type, there are 3 types of drying solutions, we can classify drying solutions as follows:

By Investment

  • Low Investment: Natural Drying

  • High Investment: Civil Engineering and Metal Drying

By Drying Efficiency:

  • High Drying Efficiency: Civil Engineering and Metal Drying

  • Low Drying Efficiency: Natural Drying

AGICO Supplies Drying Systems As You Need!

customization service and mold design are avalible

Agico supplies high quality drying equipment and solutions for egg tray machines with competitive price, civil engineering drying and metal drying are available in drying process of pulp molding production line. As a professional pulp molding machinery manufacture in China, we provide both options for customers to choose. How to choose most suitable paper tray drying system, if you need any advice, welcome to contact us for details.


What is Civil Engineering,  Civil Engineering, also called brick room drying, is a building Turnel Room with conveyor to carry the wet paper trays in and out, or the paper tray products are moved in on carts, which is a manual way of drying. Civil Engineering drying is widedly used for egg tray production lines, which is made from bricks, cement and related equipment.

Civil Engineering

What is Metal Drying,  Metal Drying is a automatic drying system, which is a steel structure tunnel with one or several layers of conveyor in it, it requires less space and less time to build, and it is much easier to do the maintenance work. The only disadvantage for customer is that it is more expensive than civil engineering drying system.

Metal Drying

Why Choose AGICO?

Agico is a pulp molding equipment manufacturer with rich experience in designing paper tray production lines such as egg trays, egg cartons, coffee cup trays, seedling trays, etc. Agico is expert in pulp molding machine and various types of mold dies, and a series of equipment related in pulp molding production line, we have offered tailored production line plans and one stop sales service for customers from over 30 countries.  

large production capcaity
our certifications
strict qulity control
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