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Natural Drying

Drying Capacity: 1000-2500 piece

Equipment:  pushing cart, dry racks

Weather: sunny and dry weather

Time: 4-6 hours under sunshine according to air moisture . 

Natural Drying means put the wet paper trays under sun in the open air,  this requires no fuel but longer time and good weather condtions, it is a good option for small egg tray production plant located in places which have dry and hot climate.

Natural Drying Process

It’s reasonable for customer to choose natural drying solution for small capacity egg tray plant, customer need to add a few workers to carry out wet egg trays on cart to the open air and let the dry wind take out the water in it, you will need no fuel for drying process, which is a considerable amount for small scale egg tray plant owners.

Agico can supply following items for natural drying: egg tray support, pushing cart, and drying rack for customer, or you can choose other similar equipment. Customer who lives in rainy areas or have not enough room for drying shall not choose natural drying solution, it would not work out.

Natural Drying fetures

  • Low Drying Efficiency
  • Very low Investment
  • None Continous Production due to bad weather
  • More Workers
  • Limited Production

Who would choose natual drying solution

Natural drying solution is made for small output (under 2500 piece/h) egg tray production line owners, it is a manual type egg tray production with more workers and less fuel cost.

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