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7000 pcs-h Egg Tray Production Line

Production Capacity: 7000 pieces/h

Raw Material:   waste paper 

Workers Need:  6-9 

Final Product:  egg tray, egg crate, egg box

DT-6*8 is the Agico model of 7000 pieces/h egg tray making machine, the 7000 pieces/h egg tray production line is the largest scale pulp molding machinery among all the models, it is definitely a perfect machine for large scale paper tray manufacture business. If you have any idea of supplying large quantities of egg trays, you may contact us for the project details and prices. It is a fully automatic egg tray production line, automatic design of egg tray plant can greatly reduce the labor force and increase the production efficiency for you, and Agico aims to manufacture most reliable pulp molding machinery for worldwide customers.

6*8 Egg Tray Making Machine Mold

7000 Pieces/h Egg Tray Production Line Specification

Model Production/h Mold Labor Force Vaccum Pump Pulper Drying Method
DT-6*8 7000 Type 6000-7000pcs/h

Forming Mold 48 Chunks

Transfer Mold:6 Chunks

6-9 People 60kw 6m3

Civil Engineering Dryer

Multi-layer Metal Dryer

Civil Engineering or Metal Drying for 7000 Pieces/h Egg Tray Production Line

Civil engineering requires building the drying tunnel with bricks and cement, and it is a really long tunnel for its single layer of conveyor limit. 

Metal Drying can be customized up to 6 layers of conveyor, and it requires a lot of space for customer,  Agico manufactures the 6 layer metal drying equipment for 7000 pieces/h egg tray production line and other large output egg tray plant.

Model DT-6*8 With Civil Engineering DT-6*8 With Metal Dryer
Capacity (pieces/h) 6000-6500 6000-6500
Forming Mould Quantity 48 48
Total Power (kw) 223 226
Electricity Consumption (kw/h) 156 156
Labor Force 6-9 5-7
Material Consumption (kg/h) Paper 520 425
Water 1560 1275
Drying Method brick drying line (60000*4000*2800) metal drying line(23000*2500*3900)
Fuel for Drying Coal; natural gas, diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas natural LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas
Factory Area more than 300㎡ more than 1000㎡

Who Would Buy 7000 Pieces/h Egg Tray Production Line

7000 pieces/h Egg Tray Making machine is equiped with 8 mold plate, 6 molds for each, totally 48 molds, it is installed with the 45 degrees angle on the rotary drum. It is used for large quantity paper tray production of the same product thickness, for example, install egg trays and egg carton mold on the same mold plate, customer will get paper egg tray and egg carton products at the same time. 

Hungary Customer- 4*4 Egg Tray Production Line

This type of large scale automatic egg tray production line is mostly purchased by egg tray supplier, it is the pulp molding machinery model with the highest production efficiency, just be sure that you would need this large output paper tray production line before you contact us, or you can search for our help on picking up the most suitable egg tray plant equipment now!

Why Choose Agico Egg Tray Making Machine

Pulp Mold for Various Paper Trays

Agico has rich experience in paper tray mold design, which are widely used in production of egg tray, egg carton, apple tray, seeding tray, and paper trays for medical equipment, electronic components, industry package, etc. We manufacture high quality pulp molding line equipment with high efficiency and low fuel cost for poultry farmers.

Waste Paper Recycle

Customer can buy waste paper as raw material for egg tray production, water recycle system will help customer to reduce water cost, which makes it an environmental friendly business.

Sales and Installation Service

Agico provide full solution for customers on egg tray plant equipment and building, we can choose the best match of pulping, forming and drying equipment for customers, paper tray mold die design is also available. Our Service will not be over until the test run of egg tray plant is successful.

Customer are welcome to visit our factory for view of detailed manufacturing process of pulp molding machines, which includes the following 3 production systems: 

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