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Seedling Tray Making Machine

3-8 Mold Seedling Machine

Production Capacity: 3000 pieces/h

Raw Material:   waste paper 

Workers Need:  2-3  Final Product:  paper seedling tray

Agico manufactures seedling tray making machine for application in agricultrue industry, by making use of raw materials of waste paper, it produces good quality paper seedling tray product for farmers. 

Seedling Tray Making Machine Structure

Seedling Tray is a type of paper nursery tray, which is degradable in natrual environment. It is a profitable business as an envrionmental friendly paper tray product. Agico produces multi-funcational pulp molding machine as well as various types of pulp mold for paper tray production.

Seedling Tray Making  Machine Models Specification

Production capacity(pieces/h)1000150020002500300040005000
Forming mould quantity341216324060
Total power (kw)3441.253.75790150153
Electricity consumption (kw/h) (70% of the total power)23.828.8437.5939.963105107.1
Labor force3-54-64-64-65-75-75-7
Materials consumption (kg/h)Paper85102170212298425459
Fuel consumptionCoal506083104125208208
Natural gas22-3226-3637-4746-5656-6692-10392-103

Seedling Tray Production Line Drying Solutions

Drying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
Natural drying17051032.6
Civil engineering45.38337-4730-4030-40
Single layer metal45.337-4730-4030-40
Multilayer metal45.337-4730-4030-40

Seedling Tray Product and Mold die

High Quality Seedling Tray Production
Seedling Paper Tray Products

A complete paper seedling tray production line includes 4 main sections: pulp making process, pulp forming process, drying process, packing process. You will need a series of equipment if you want to start making seedling tray.

Customized Seedling Pots Making Machine

If you want to have your own design of seedling tray shape, you can provide design detals of mold and details of raw material and size, then Agico can customize the mold manufacture for you, after you got the equipments delivered, we will guide you to install the whole production line, customer shall have no worry about the installation and operation. Usually seedling tray machine output, mould die (shape and mateiral), drying process are the 3 major questions customer should answer while buying a whole seedling tray production line.

Why Seedling Tray Becomes Popular as Nursery Tray

Eco-friendly: Customers can get raw materials easily at low price, paper seeding trays can use straws, which is very easy to get at the farm. When you want to use it for other paper tray production, just change the molds and get the machine running.

Low Investment: With the development of seedling nursery and environment protection, paper seedling trays will replace plastic trays in the future. It is possible for you to get support from your government. More important, Beston Machinery can design the pulp molding dies as you need. Below are some molds we have made.

Market Advantage: Environment protection is a task for all industries, paper seedling tray is the trend for nursery tray product, and paper tray products have used more frequently than before.

Advantages of Seedling Tray Making Machine

  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • The system is simple and the structure is compact.
  • Environmental Friendly Production with  Water Recycle and Low fuel consumption
  • Easy to operate, and maintain.
  • Long service life of main equipment and mold die part
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