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Here are our latest news and knowlege share articles for customers, if you want to learn more about pulp molding industry and technology, you can start from here.

Disposable Plate Mold

Disposable Bagasse Paper Plate Making Machine

In recent years, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional disposable plates has led to the development of innovative materials. Bagasse pulp, derived from sugarcane fibers, has emerged as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for manufacturing disposable plates. What are the benefits of using bagasse pulp in disposable plate machines, comparing it to waste

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Small Egg Tray Machine: A Powerful Assistant in the Egg Industry

Advantages of Small Egg Tray Machines Characteristics of Small Egg Tray Machines How to Choose the Right Small Egg Tray Machine Faced with numerous brands and models of small egg tray machines on the market, selecting the appropriate product is crucial for the egg production industry. Consider the following suggestions: Benefits Brought by Small Egg

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4x4 Egg Tray Making Machine

Start-up Business with Small Scale Paper Egg Tray Machine

For those venturing into the realm of small-scale egg production, AGICO offers a game-changing solution with its state-of-the-art paper egg tray machine. This compact and efficient equipment is not only eco-friendly but also a lucrative way to turn waste paper into a profitable venture. Egg Packing Solution for Small Chicken Farm Small-scale chicken farms often

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AGICO Egg Carton Production Line Ship to Angola in October

AGICO Pulp Molding Machinery is a top supplier in paper tray equipment manufacture, recently we have exported a full egg carton production line of 4-sided pulp molding machine and automatic metal drying oven to Angola. Egg Carton Production Line Introduction: This complete egg carton production line is an innovative 4-sided pulp molding machine with capacity

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Paper Pulp Raw Materials Used In Pulp Molding Industry

Paper Pulp Raw Materials: When it comes to the pulp molding industry, the quality and variety of raw materials play a pivotal role in determining the final products’ performance and cost-effectiveness. In collaboration with AGICO, you can harness the technology, expertise, equipment, and market insights you need to excel in the industry. Here are different

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10000pcs-hr Egg Tray Production Line shipped to Iraq

Great news to AGICO and China, our customer from Iraq ordered ZMDT8x8(10000pcs/h) eggtray production line, this customer is looking for expand their egg tray production after using the model 4×8 capacity (4000pcs/h) for 2 years, with the good performance of our egg tray machines, it is natural to come to AGICO for a second buying.

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10000PCS/H Egg Tray Machine for Sale

7000pcs-h Egg Tray Production Line Shipped to Kuwait

ZMDT6-8:7000PCS/H Eggtray Production Line Great news for our customer from Kuwait, a whole set of Eggtray production line – ZMDT6-8:7000PCS/H has been shipped to Kuwait, along with aluminum molds on schedule on Mid July! This ZMDT6-8:7000PCS/H egg tray production line is equipped with multi-layer metal drying equipment, featured with energy efficient and easy operation. Trial

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Tips for Designing Various Pulp Molding Molds Types

Pulp molding, as a representative of green packaging that is currently in the limelight, is favored by brand owners. In the production process of pulp molded products, the mold plays a crucial role. Its development and design require high technical requirements, significant investment, long cycles, and also involve certain risks. So, what are the key

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