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Here are our latest news and knowlege share articles for customers, if you want to learn more about pulp molding industry and technology, you can start from here.

5-ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Successfully Installed in Iraq

We are currently working on a project to install a 5 ply corrugated cardboard production line for a client in Iraq. Our team of engineers and local workers are working collaboratively to ensure successful installation of the equipment. The project includes a 5-layer corrugated paper production line, a 5-color printing die-cutting machine, an Automatic “inline

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Everything You Need to Know About Egg Tray Dryer Machine

Egg tray dryer machine is an essential piece of equipment used in the egg production industry to dry and sterilize egg trays. The egg tray is an essential component of egg packaging, and it comes in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different egg sizes. The drying process is a crucial step in the egg

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The Future of Sustainable Forestry: Pulp Molding Technology

Explanation of Pulp Molding Technology Pulp molding technology is an innovative manufacturing process that uses a combination of water, pulp, and other natural materials to create a wide range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. The process involves shaping the pulp mixture into various forms, which are then dried and hardened to create sturdy and durable products.

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5 Benefits of Using Egg Carton Packaging Material for Your Business

Definition of Egg Carton Packaging Material Egg carton packaging material is a type of pulp molded packaging material that is specifically designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for the packaging of eggs. It is typically made from recycled paper products, such as newspaper or cardboard, that have been pulped and molded into the

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How to Choose the Right Custom Molded Pulp Packaging Machine

What is Custom Molded Pulp Packaging Machine A custom molded pulp packaging machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for manufacturing packaging materials that are biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. This type of machine is designed to create custom-molded pulp products in various shapes and sizes to suit the unique packaging needs of businesses.

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Thermoformed Molded Pulp: The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Definition of Thermoformed Molded Pulp Thermoformed molded pulp is a packaging material that is created through a process of molding pulp into the desired shape using heat and pressure. It is made from renewable materials such as recycled paper and is biodegradable and compostable, making it an eco-friendly packaging solution. Sustainable Packaging Solutions Sustainable packaging

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