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1-3 Mold Egg Tray Production Line Installation for Ethiopian

After 2 weeks of careful online technical guidance offered by AGICO engineer, one small egg tray production line has been installed, debugged, and finally passed test run. The result shows that it can produce high quality egg trays smoothly. This egg tray production line is equipped with a ZMDT1*3 egg tray making machine, which is

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Install of Semi-automatic egg tray production line in Ghana Project

2 Month after Ghana customer bought a semi-automatic egg tray production line from AGICO, a whole set of egg tray production equipment have been well packaged and delivered successfully, all egg tray making equipment are packaged with felt cloth to avoid certain damage during long-distance transportation, and the result shows this package method has worked,

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Egg Tray Machine Export

How to Make Pulp Molded Product for Various Applications

Paper pulp molded product can be produced with different properties and used for various applications, except from paper pulp, some additives are added to make high quality paper trays. Additives for Pulp Molded Production Pulp Molding Supporting Equipment in the process of pulp making can be designed according to the ratio of slurry of raw

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Why Pulp Molding – Paper Trays are Becoming Popular?

Pulp Molding Equipment has developed for many years, especially for paper tray making machines for production of egg trays, apple trays, seedling trays, etc. Why it can be more popular than elastic molded product? Here are 2 main reasons as the answer: Environmental Protection: Pulp model products are the use of waste newspapers, carton paper

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Do You Need Large Automatic Paper Tray Production Lines?

Why Large automatic paper tray production lines should not be used for paper mold industrial packaging? Dehydration Time of Different Paper Tray Molds As most of the pulp molding equipment is several or even dozens of molds working on the same rotating body, the suction time and dehydration time of a single paper tray mold

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Pulp Molding Technology Wet Processing and Dry Processing

Wet Processing Pulp Molding Technology Wet processing refers to paper pulp injection into the paper tray mold, use vacuum to remove the extra water, wet paper tray being transferred to hot pressing mold, then it is being pressed and dried. Advantages of wet processing: high production capacity, after the wet paper tray is formed, it

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