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Pulp Molded Industrial Package Machinery

Looking for pulp molding equipment for industrial protective package

Pulp Molded Industrial Packaging Production Process:

The pulp molding industrial packaging production line is composed of a pulp-making system, a pulp molding system, drying system, hot pressing system, and auxiliary systems. It is used to produce pulp packaging for industrial products such as household appliances, electronics, instruments, tools, and accessories.

Pulping Machine
Pulp Molding Machine

Dry Process Molded Pulp Industrial Package Production Line

The dry process method for pulp molding involves creating a slurry of pulp with a specific concentration, adding suitable additives, and using adsorption to form a wet paper mold. The wet paper mold is then transferred to a drying road for mold drying, after which hot pressure shaping is applied to produce the final dried product.

Wet Process Molded Pulp Industrial Package Production Line

The wet process pulp molding process also begins with a pulp slurry of a certain concentration, to which appropriate additives are added. The slurry is then used to create a wet paper mold through adsorption. The wet paper mold is transferred to a hot pressure molding mold for drying, and the final molded pulp product is produced.

Pulp-molded industrial packaging products are a rapidly growing new type of packaging material in recent years, and an excellent alternative to wood. The production process can be summarized into 5 main processes: pulping, pulp blending, forming, drying, shaping and finishing.

Pulp Molding for Industrial Product Packaging

Pulp molding is a 3D paper making technique that uses waste paper as raw material to create paper products of certain shapes using special molds on a molding machine. Pulp molding is rapidly developing and is used not only for food packaging such as lunch boxes but also for industrial protective packaging. In the electronics industry, more and more top brands such as Huawei, Apple, and Samsung are adopting green packaging materials for products such as phones, headphones, and electronic accessories. They are replacing the original plastic packaging with exquisite paper pulp molded packaging to comply with the trend of environmental protection.

 The pulp molding industrial packaging production line is composed of a pulp-making system, a pulp molding system, drying system, hot pressing system, and auxiliary systems. It is used to produce pulp packaging for industrial products such as household appliances, electronics, instruments, tools, and accessories.

Pulp Mold Die Samples of Industrial Packaging

Pulp molded industrial packaging includes 2 types: paper trays for egg and fruit packages, containers and edge protectors for electronics and tools. According to the final product type and quality requirements, AGICO is able to supply various pulp molding solutions to customers, along with different types of pulp mold dies of industrial packaging. Here are some samples of pulp mold die samples from AGICO:

Pulp Mold Die Advantages

Our pulp molds are precision machined using advanced equipment such as CNC machines, EDM, and wire cutting, ensuring that you can achieve perfect molded pulp products with our molds. You can also produce a variety of products, such as egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, and industrial packaging, by simply replacing the molds.

  • Our molds are durable, easy to maintain and replace.
  • Our molds are priced competitively while maintaining high quality.
  • We mark the drilling points beforehand to ensure uniform distribution of all holes. Our suction holes are designed with better size and spacing for higher efficiency. We use stainless steel mesh and pre-forming technology in manufacturing, which enhances the appearance of the molds and improves efficiency, resulting in better-looking products.
  • Our pulp molds have been successfully installed on international pulp molding machines, including reciprocating pulp molding machines and rotary pulp molding machines. We have also manufactured molds for many world-renowned companies in the pulp molding industry.

Customization of pulp mold die is required as the shapes of each final product are different, if you are looking to supply pulp molded industrial packaging product, contact AGICO now for the pulp mold die manufacture for best design and solid quality.

Pulp Molding Machine for Industrial Packaging

Vacuum filtration molding process

AGICO supplies pulp molding machines using vacuum filtration process, Vacuum filtration molding is a popular way to produce paper-plastic products. There are 2 different methods based on their construction: rotary drum type, and reciprocating lift type.

It is a continuous production process with high production efficiency, but requires a large investment in molds and high precision in mold processing. The equipment also has high technical requirements for processing accuracy and uses eight sets of convex molds paired with a set of concave molds. This method is suitable for mass production of shaped products such as plates, trays, and egg holders, but not for industrial molding production.

Rotary Drum Type

The production efficiency is similar to the flip type, and it is currently a common production method. This equipment only requires one set of four molds paired with convex molds, without the need for CNC center processing. It is particularly suitable for non-standard, small-batch, and fast-cycle industrial packaging products.

Reciprocating Type

Rotary Pulp Molding Machine vs Reciprocating Pulp Molding Machine

Production Capacity:

The Rotary Pulp Molding Machine has a higher capacity than the Reciprocating Pulp Molding Machine. The former can produce up to 6000-7000-10000 pieces of products per hour, while the latter can produce only up to 1000-1500 pieces per hour.

Pulp Molded Product Type:

The Rotary Pulp Molding Machine is suitable for producing simple and small products, such as egg trays, fruit trays, coffee cup holder tray.

The Reciprocating Pulp Molding Machine is more suitable for producing large and complex-shaped industrial package products, such as electronic package, disposable tableware and medical trays.

Production Advantage

The Rotary Pulp Molding Machine can produce more uniform and stable single products at large capacity, due to its continuous rotary molding process and large number of mold die templates.

The Reciprocating Pulp Molding Machine may produce different pulp-molded products with easy replacement of the pulp mold die, and quick equipment adjustment.

Industrial Package Molding Machine

Reciprocating Molding Machine Specifications

MachineOne station machineDouble station machine
Mould template size600*800mm(can be customized)600*800mm(can be customized)
Capacityadjustable based on different productadjustable based on different product
Height of end product≤200mm≤200mm
Control methodPLC Touch screenPLC Touch screen
Equipment size1.2m*2.2m*2.3m2.8m*2.2m*2.3m
Labor needed12

Hot Press Machine Specifications

Work table size/mm400*600
Working pressure(T)20
Working operation(mm)400-500
Cylinder diameter(mm)Ø160

Analysis of cost and Profit - Natural Drying

ZMGB-2 industrial packaging production line with natural drying
  Unit price
(based on UK Market data)
Input cost /day
Waste paper800kg/day(10 hours per working day)$0.164/kg$131.2
Labor2 people/day$93/person/day$186
(8 years)
   Output cost/day
Egg carton3000pcs/h$0.64/pcs$19,200
  Daily profit$1,118.5
  Monthly profit(26 days)$29,081
  Annual profit(12 months)$348,972
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