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Agico designs and manufactures wide range of pulp molding machines for production of different paper trays of various sizes to meet customer’s specific need, with the help of hot press molding machine, customer can also produce other high quality paper tray products such as paper lunch boxes. Rotary Drum pulp molding machine is the most advanced type that can make your paper tray production more efficient. Our services include consult, Custom Manufacture, and Installation.




Why Choose Pulp Molding Machinery Of AGICO?

Agico is one of the most experienced manufacturers of pulp molding machinery equipment. Our pulp molding production lines can be used to produce egg trays, egg cartons, seeding trays, apple trays, shoe trays, bottle trays, industrial package, etc. These paper pulp tray products can help you in 100% compostable packaging which can be bio-degraded naturally.

 There are a number of product innovations and patents that we intend to introduce that will improve the flexibility of the pulp molding machine, its reliability, ease of service and the operating cost to produce paper tray products.

Project Design

Agico has R&D team which can offer customer with detailed project design solutions, including pulp making, pulp molding and drying solutions. We can customize the mold for customers for unique design of pulp molded products. We will help customer to select the appropriate equipment model with the suitable layout site design
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Equipment Production

Agico has large machinery production base, workshops for pulp molding machines, metal drying equipments, mould die of various paper trays, the auxiliary equipment needed in the different systems such as pulp molding and drying are manufactured by Agico, so that we can guarantee the quality and high performance of the major equipment for customers, we have self developed technologies and patents for pulp mold machinery.
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Installation & Debugging

Our most experienced engineer joins the installation team for professional and high-quality installation and training. From guiding the customer to install the different part of pulp molding systems to the training of standard operation of the equipment. It can greatly shorten the installation period, increase the installation efficiency, and start the production quickly. Meanwhile, the proper installation and debugging of pulp molding production lines would make the production with less problems and maintenance.
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Customized Mold Design

One key part of pulp molding machines is the mold, Agico designs and produces molds according to different paper tray product according to customer, such as egg tray mold, egg carton mold, apple tray mold, seeding tray mold, shoe tray mold, bottle tray mold, etc. With long service life-high quality mold used in egg tray making machine and other paper pulp molding machines, you will spend less on mold exchange fees. It’s a good idea to start paper tray production business with innovative design and processing techniques of Agico, Paper Pulp Thermoforming Technology is the most economical process available today for production of paper trays for cushioning effect.
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project for paper Tray Production Line

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