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Choose Paper Pulp Molded Product for Environmental Protection

Paper pulp molding products is to use can be completely recycled waste paper recycling plant fiber pulp or as base material, made of a unique process technology is widely used in food package product paper egg trays, paper egg cartons, paper apple trays (drug) products, electronics packaging, planting seedlings, serving medical utensils, handicrafts of bottom slab and fragile goods liner no pollution in the field of science and technology of green environmental protection products such as packaging.

Paper Egg Tray Production

Pulp Molding Equipment

Environmental Protection Solution

With the development of the industry, a large number of fluoride substances into the atmosphere, make the human beings rely on a large area of destruction of the ozone layer, in the arctic and Antarctic have formed thousands of kilometers of the hole in the ozone layer, caused great harm to the earth’s ecological environment, to that end, the United Nations environmental protection agency (epa) held a worldwide environmental protection conference, in 1998 passed the “d also protect the ozone layer The Convention and the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer specify that countries around the world should gradually reduce and ban the use of ozone-depleting fluorine in the atmosphere.

Material Replacement by Paper Tray Production

In recent years, one of the three major packaging materials, plastic products, especially foaming polystyrene (EPS) products, have become more and more serious abuses, has become the “white pollution” of the people. The waste disposal of polystyrene foamed packaging brings serious pollution to the environment. Burning destroys the earth’s ozone layer; The destruction of geological structure due to the incapability of corrosion. This waste of styrofoam products causes a lot of damage to the earth’s environment. Use degradable environmental protection packaging materials, eliminate “white pollution”, improve people’s living environment, has become the international and domestic explicit requirements.

Start Paper Tray Production Business with Agico

Poultry egg tray and industrial packaging products produced by pulp molding equipment are real environmental protection products, which take natural plant fiber or waste paper as raw materials, and have no pollution in the production and use process.

In addition to replacing disposable plastic tableware has a positive role, but also widely used in industrial products into the packaging of electronic products, pulp molding products are gradually entering the mainstream of commercial activities, it is currently the best alternative to foam products, in fact, pulp molding products industry is booming now. If you want to start the egg tray production or other pulp molded plant, contact Agico now for more pulp molding machine details.

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