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Why Pulp Molding – Paper Trays are Becoming Popular?

Pulp Molding Equipment has developed for many years, especially for paper tray making machines for production of egg trays, apple trays, seedling trays, etc. Why it can be more popular than elastic molded product? Here are 2 main reasons as the answer:

Environmental Protection:

Pulp model products are the use of waste newspapers, carton paper as the main raw materials, after a certain ratio of additives for pulping, through the special mold for dehydration molding, and then through drying, heat treatment, plastic and other processes. Pulp molding products can be used, degradable, add special process, with good waterproof, oil-proof performance, can completely replace the foaming plastic products, can effectively eliminate “white pollution”, the product environmental protection is good.

Waste Paper Raw Material

Pulp model products are the world environmental protection department recommended environmental protection products, in its production process to environmental protection work ten points, on the impact of its three wastes on environmental protection, in the whole production process, from the use of the main raw materials to the end of the whole production process, its environmental awareness is very strong. Its raw material for waste paper, and in the production and processing process is mainly physical reaction, only a small amount of chemical items to join as waterproof agent, and this court chemical materials in the product drying, basically all retained in the finished product, no discharge caused environmental pollution; The water used in the production line is closed and recycled, but the water vapor is volatilized into the space when the product is dried. There is no need to replenish water in the production process, so the water consumption is not large.

Cost Economy

Pulp molding technology after several years of development and innovation, equipment performance continues to improve, the production process gradually mature, product production cost drive in stability. At present, the production cost of domestic paper products has been basically flat with foam products, and the cost of some paper products has been significantly lower than foam products.

Paper supporting products to replace foam shockproof products, in the use of performance, production costs are feasible, coupled with its environmental protection advantages, pulp molding products to replace foam products has become an inevitable trend. Two, pulp molding products pulping process.

Using raw pulp cardboard, waste paper, cartons and other raw materials, through pulping, grinding and other processes, make the paper into fiber, suspended in water to form pulp. Fiber length and pulp concentration can be properly controlled according to the characteristics of the required products to meet the needs of the products.

Adding special additives in the pulp can make the product waterproof, oil and other functions. Add appropriate pigment, can make the product have a variety of colors.

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